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Participant's Guide to the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute 2016

After the Teacher Institute


As a Teacher Institute participant, you are required to complete a series of four surveys. In addition to the a pre-Institute survey, you will also receive: 1) a post-survey which will be sent to you shortly after you complete your Teacher Institute experience, 2) a follow-up survey during the school year, and 3) a final survey near the conclusion of the school year. Each online survey will be sent to you via email and should only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for responding to all of the surveys. Your comments and suggestions are absolutely essential to us for maintaining and enhancing the quality of the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute.


After you return home, you will become part of a network linking you to Colonial Williamsburg and to your colleagues through various media, including:

Continue to use these resources to keep in touch, ask questions, and create lessons. We hope to continue to hear from you as you learn and build your knowledge of American history in your classroom!