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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive to the Institute?

You’ve listed two airports. Which one is the best?

What time should I arrive/depart?

How do you select roommates?

What happens if I don’t get along with my roommate?

May I have a private room?

I have a medical condition that requires special attention. Do I need to let you know in advance?

I have a disability. Will I be able to participate in the Institute?

Are the rooms air-conditioned?

Will I have a private bathroom? What about a hair dryer, a coffee maker, or an iron?

What about a refrigerator?

Are all of my meals really covered?

I’m on Weight Watchers/Atkins/have food allergies/am a vegetarian. What kinds of meals will be served?

What should I pack to wear? Where can I wash clothes?

Should I dress up for Orientation?

Will I have Internet access in my room?

I noticed there seems to be a lot of walking around outside. What happens when it rains?

Where and when will I be able to take pictures?

How much money should I bring?

May I bring my family?

Due to the demanding schedule of the Teacher Institute, we do not recommend bringing your family. Institute activities may last from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with limited breaks during the day, leaving very little time to spend with family. Because rooms, meals, and evening programs are reserved months in advance of your week, we are unable to accommodate your family members at any of our scheduled programming (this also includes tours within the Historic Area). Many of the rooms contain twin beds, also not affording you the room to share with additional people other than your assigned roommate. If you decide to book a private room, we do not do a nightly “bed check,” but you are expected to participate in all of the scheduled programming to receive full credit for the Institute and to be eligible for the graduate credit.

Many participants interested in sharing the experience with their families have them join them for a few days at the conclusion of the Institute. Think of the tour guide you will make once you have all the historical content and anecdotal stories to share!

I want professional development credit for my attendance. What do I need to do?

How do I receive college credit for participating in the Teacher Institute?


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