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Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of quality instructional materials to help you teach students about American History, including the following:

Teaching Literacy Through History (lesson unit) TEACHING LITERACY THROUGH HISTORY
Lesson Unit

Reading and writing critically is an essential part of any history curriculum. Use primary sources to help your students become independent readers with critical minds attuned to evaluating their sources. These materials with associated writing and comprehension activities provide strategies and tools to help your students become literate in the world of non-fiction.

Grades 4–9, 108 pages. $34.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email

American Indian Bandolier BagAMERICAN INDIAN BANDOLIER BAG (Hands-on History Kit)

Excite your students' imaginations with this kit: a powder horn, a clay pipe, three strings of trade beads, swatches of deerskin and red wool broadcloth, six pieces of trade silver, a small wooden spool, and a musket ball, all stored in a cotton canvas bag like those used by eighteenth-century American Indians.

Grades 3–8, $99.99. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email  

The Eye of the Beholder: Looking at Primary Sources (lesson unit)THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: LOOKING AT PRIMARY SOURCES
Lesson Units: Educating America's Citizens

Two-dozen primary sources from the colonial period and suggestions for incorporating document-based inquiry in your classroom. This unit features analysis instruments for such items as songs, poems, architecture, and documents.

Grades 4–8, 127 pages. $34.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331 or email



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