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Teacher Feedback

Rural trades
"Our guides, leaders, teachers, facilitators, interpreters, and colleagues have shared an incredible wealth of knowledge and activities that can be, in turn, shared with our students, so that they too might be a part of the past. By engaging in these few days here, we are able to engage our students in many days of active learning."

"The Colonial Williamsburg Staff did an excellent job in providing us with a wealth of information while treating us with the most professional attitude and respect. . . . The hands-on activities that I enjoyed so much are now being used in my classroom and my students are showing the same kind of excitement that I felt when I had learned them!"

"I love this program! The preparation and presentation is beyond expectation! The presenters are professional yet fun and relaxed. The amount and quality of materials, lessons, and experiences is so much, I can barely take it all in. But it gives some broad perspectives and helpful tools in viewing and using/understanding history. Life changing! It’s a very rich and engaging program. It’s given me an enthusiasm about this period in history, and a desire to more fully integrate art with social studies. It made everything come alive."

"Excellent program! [The] presenters and facilitators were dedicated, thorough, and complete. I felt as if I was always getting 100% of the presenters’ knowledge base despite the heat or the hour! This was a great inspiration. This dedication was even more apparent and appreciated among my peers."

"This week has been the most amazing week of my 26th year career as an educator and as an American citizen. It truly has deeply impacted me on so many levels. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything!"

"I keep thinking every day that this is The Best professional development I’ve ever received. I cannot wait to go back to teach and share what I’ve learned with my colleagues."