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Today in the 1770s: July 31

HENRICO, July 31, 1775.
Run away from the Subscriber, the 29th Instant, a likely Negro Man named WILL, about 5 Feet 6 Inches high, 30 Years of Age, has a Scar on one Side of his Chin, and on each Thigh, and has lost Part of his great Toe. Whoever delivers him to me, if taken Twenty Miles from Home, shall have 20s. Reward, besides what the Law allows. GEORGE COX

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) August 12,1775

About this entry:

In the 18th century, thousands of slaves ran away from their owners. The owner lost the slave's labor, but he also was concerned with the effect of a successful flight on the minds of the remaining slaves. George Cox describes Will as "likely", a word that meant then, as well as now, strong, promising or capable. George Cox was a justice and later sheriff of Henrico County. His family owned sizeablw tracts of land in the county.

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