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Today in the 1770s: January 9

URBANNA, January 9, 1772.
TAKEN up by the Subscriber, last November, in Chesapeak Bay near Winter Harbour, in two Fathom Water, a Ship's KEDGE ANCHOR of about three Hundred Weight, with above a Hundred Fathoms of six inch HAWSER to it, two large Iron hooped Buoys and Buoy Ropes. The Owner may have them on proving his Property, paying Salvage, and the Expense of this Advertisement. HUGH WALKER. N.B. I should have advertised them immediately when taken up, but on receiving a Letter from one William Richardson (without either Date or Place of Abode) who gave a Description thereof, said he would take them away, and desired me not to advertise them, I concluded it necessary to wait a While.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) January 30, 1772

Language notes:

A kedge anchor is a small anchor with an iron stock used in mooring; used in calm weather. A hawser is a rope or cable.

Sources: OED

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