The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: January 13

WILIAMSBURG, January 13, 1780.
LOST this morning, between Mrs. Vobe's tavern and the house of Mr. Lockley, a pair of saddle bags, containing a pound of pepper, a shirt, a stock, and sundry books and accounts wrote in French. Whoever delivers the said saddle bags, books, and accounts at Mr. Lockley's, shall receive a reward of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Nicolson) January 15, 1780

About this entry:

Black pepper came from India and while it was not the most expensive imported spice, it was most in demand in the 18th century.

Language notes:

A stock is a cravat or close neckcloth made of linen.

Sources: Dr. Johnson's Dict; Dalby

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