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Today in the 1770s: April 4

WILLIAMSBURG, April 4, 1777.
Our worthy Speaker of the House of Delegates, the Hon. Edmund Pendleton, esq; had the misfortune, last Monday se'nnight, to be thrown from his horse, by which accident he had his thigh broke, but we have the pleasure to inform the publick that he is now in a fair way of recovering.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) April 4, 1777

About this entry:

"In October 1776 I was elected to the Chair of the House of Delegates who sat under the new Constitution. In March, 1777, by a fall from a horse, I had my hip dislocated, & have been unable to walk ever since, except on crutches; however, the good people of Caroline the next month chose me as a delegate, in hopes of my recovery; but I could not attend in May session and another speaker was appointed; in which, however, I was highly honoured, by all the candidates having promised to resign the chair, when I should come. I attended, on crutches, in the october session . . . Edmund Pendleton, July 20, 1793 Pendleton never fully recovered from his injuries but continued to serve Virginia with distinction for ten years as one of the first justices to the new commonwealth's highest court.

Language notes:

A se'nnight is a period of seven nights, or a week.

Sources: Mays, D. Pendleton, vol 1 appendix I, OED

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