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Today in the 1770s: June 7

WILLIAMSBURG, June 7, 1770.
PORTRAIT PAINTING GENTLEMEN and LADIES that are inclined to have their pictures drawn will find the subscriber ready to serve them, upon very reasonable terms, either at their own homes or where he lives, which is next door to the Hon. The Speaker's. J. DURAND.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) June 7, 1770)

About this entry:

Little is known about John Durand's background and training. He was first heard of in 1766 in New York City. In 1770 he came to Virginia. While in Williamsburg, he lived next door to Peyton Randolph, the Speaker of the House of Burgesses. His last signed portrait was in Virginia dated 1782. Colonial Williamsburg owns several portraits painted in Virginia, including the those of Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Carr, Elizabeth Boush, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Newton, Mrs Daniel Barraud, Mrs. Matthew Rothery, and Mrs. Robert Gilliam.

Sources: ANB, TMS

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