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Today in the 1770s: June 23

WILLIAMSBURG, June 23, 1772.
As several Applications have been already made to the Directors appointed to conduct and superintend the Building and Management of the publick Hospital to receive different Patients, they think it advisable to inform the publick, that, very soon after the Act of Assembly passed appointing them to this Trust, they, by publick Advertisement, invited the different Undertakers who might incline to engage in the Work to give in their Proposals; that several Months elapsed before they could engage with a proper Person agreeable to their Wishes, but at last contracted for the Building to be completely finished on or before the 18th of January 1773, the shortest Period that could be agreed on. To prevent fruitless Applications, and future Disappointments, they take this Method of assuring all whom it may concern that so soon as the Hospital is completed, and fit for the Reception of Patients, they will not fail to give publick Notice of it.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) June 25, 1772

About this entry:

The Public Hospital began accepting mentally ill patients on Tuesday, October 12, 1773.

Language notes:

An UNDERTAKER was a person "who undertakes to carry out work or business for another"

Sources: Virginia Gazette, Purdie and Dixon, September 16, 1773, page 3, Oxford English Dictionary.

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