The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: July 14

WILLIAMSBURG, July 14, 1774.
Last Sunday morning his excellency our governor left this city in order to take a view on the situation of the frontier of our colony...His lordship intends to settle matters amicably with the Indians if possible and purposes to have conference with the different nations to find out the truth of the late disturbances.

Virginia Gazette (Rind) July 14, 1774

About this entry:

Several weeks after Governor Lord Dunmore dissolved the House of Burgesses for supporting the patriots of Boston with a "day of fasting, humiliation and prayer" Dunmore mounted a campaign with the western militia. The campaign against the Shawnee was a success and Dunmore signed a treaty with Chief Cornstalk who yielded all of the territory south of the Ohio River to Virginia.

Sources: Selby, p17

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