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Today in the 1770s: September 9

WILLIAMSBURG, September 9, 1775.
Yesterday morning John Randolph, Esq; his Majesty's Attorney General for this colony, with his Lady and daughters, set out from this city, for Norfolk, to embark for Great Britain. General Washington has been pleased to appoint Edmund Randolph, Esq; one of his Excellency's aids de camp.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) September 9,1775

About this entry:

John Randolph was a loyalist who could not in good conscience support the rebellion. His son, Edmund, left Williamsburg in mid-July and headed north to join the Continental Army. He was worried that his father's sentiments would ruin his chances with the American cause, so on his way to join Washington's troops, he stopped in Boston to get letters from the Virginia delegates at the Continental Congress. In mid August, he was appointed one of General Washington's aide-de-camps. He was only with Washington for a few months, for he was forced to leave the army when his uncle Peyton died and he was needed in Virginia. He remained there to take part in the Virginia Convention that proposed independence in the summer of 1776.

Sources: Reardon

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