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Today in the 1770s: October 4

WILLIAMSBURG, October 4, 1770.
At the house generally known by the name of Col. Custis's, Gentlemen may be accommodated with very good LODGING, etc. upon reasonable terms. There is a very elegant parlour, which is intended to be appropriated to the use of the lodgers. Those whose business will permit them to keep regular hours will be most agreeable. JOSEPH KIDD. *** Good pasturage adjoining the house, well fenced.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) October 4, 1770

About this entry:

Joseph Kidd was one of the highly paid servants listed as "groom of the chambers" brought from England by Lord Botetourt when he arrived as royal governor in 1768. Mr. Kidd left his employ 16 months later while establishing his reputation as a "very honest tradesman" specializing in gilding, glazing, upholstering, paper hanging and house painting. He continued to work for Lord Botetourt who may have provided financial help in setting up Kidd's business. He rented the Custis house from October 1770 to January 1772 when he moved to the George Davenport house near the Capitol. Kidd served in the Williamsburg militia in 1775 and later as quartermaster for a Brunswick County regiment.

Sources: CWRR Custis Square; Hood Graham "The Governor's Palace in Williamsburg".

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