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Today in the 1770s: October 9

YORKTOWN, October 9, 1775.
Whereas I intend for Great Britian early in the ensuing spring, I propose selling the dwelling-house wherein I now live, with or without furniture, or on annuity for life, as may best suit a purchaser. Two or three years credit will be allowed, bond being given with approved security, which is to bear interest from the time the bargain is concluded upon. GEO. RIDDELL.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) October 20, 1775

About this entry:

Dr. George Riddell of Yorktown also practiced medicine in Williamsburg where his name appears along with that of John Minson Galt and other physicians. Dr. Riddell signed the Association in June 1770 to protest the unfair taxation of the colonies. His place of residence in Williamsburg is unknown. He was listed as the Naval Officer for the Port of York River in 1776, an indication that he did not go to Great Britain as the ad in the Virginia Gazetter suggests. Also, he may not have sold his house because his widow, Susanna Riddell, moved to Williamsburg in 1781 after her Yorktown home was destroyed by Cornwallis. She rented the Brush Everard house while repairs were made to property she owned, the present Barraud house.

Sources: CWRR Barraud House; VA Hist. Register 3/23; Tyler's Quarterly 10/275

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