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Today in the 1770s: October 24

WILLIAMSBURG, October 24, 1777.
Wanted immediately in the College of William & Mary, a Gentleman of good moral conduct, and well qualified to undertake the office of HEAD USHER. The salary is seventy five pounds sterling a year, with considerable perquisites, besides good rooms, board, and access to the library. JOHN BRACKEN, clerk of the meeting. N.B. It is earnestly requested of all Gentlemen, who have any books belonging to the College library in their possession, to return the same immediately.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) October 24, 1777

About this entry:

In the original statutes devised for The College of William & Mary in London on June 24, 1727, the duties of an Usher appear in the rules for the Grammar School. Six Masters were charged with teaching the students unless "the number of scholars requires an Usher". An Usher was required in his "teaching and of the government of the school to be obedient to the Master in everything". By 1765 Ushers were required to be present at breakfast, dinner and supper, to attend Church and Chapel regularly, and "visit the Rooms of the Young Gentlemen at least three Times a Week after 9 o'clock at Night to report if any of them are absent or committing any Irregularities".

Sources: WMQ 16(1) 247;4(1) 131

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