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Today in the 1770s: October 28

WILLIAMSBURG, October 28, 1773.
The Subscriber begs Leave to inform the Publick the he has got an extraordinary good PAINTER, who understands his business as well as any Man in the Colony. He is a good Limner, Landscape Painter, etc. and an excellent Hand at painting all sorts of Signs, Coats of Arms, and Ciphers on Carriages. He can paint any Kind of Pictures as well, and as much to the Life, as those imported from England. All those who want such Painting may depend on having it done in the best and most expeditious manner, by applying to me in Newcastle. CHARLES TINSLEY.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) October 28, 1773

About this entry:

Newcastle, located on the Pamunkey River in Hanover County would have been a day's journey from Williamsburg for anyone desiring these specialized services. Individual and family portraits were popular with wealthy Virginians as well as paintings of plantation homes and property. Charles Tinsley's occupation is not known. He owned property in St. Paul Parish along with other members of the Tinsley family of Hanover County.

Sources: WMQ, 23W(1)117

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