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Today in the 1770s: November 3

WILLIAMSBURG, In the HOUSE of DELEGATES, Tuesday, November 3, 1778.
Resolved, that Charles Mortimer and Alexander Trent be received into this commonwealth, and that they take the oath of fidelity within twelve hours after their landing at Hampton. Resolved, that Elizabeth Muir ought to be permitted to reside in this state. Resolved, that John Debutts be permitted to pass through this state to Maryland, he having first taken the oath of fidelity to the United States of America within twelve hours after his landing at Hampton. Resolved, that James Gilchrist, Isaac Heslop, Hardin Burnly, Robert Cowan, William McWhan, Alexander Buchanan, James McDowal, Thomas Mitchell, John Patterson, and Alexander Campbell, be not admitted into this state, and that his Excellency the Governor be requested to give orders that the flag that brought them to Hampton road immediately depart this state with the said passengers.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon Hunter) November 6, 1778

About this entry:

Hening's Statutes of the Laws of Virginia for October 1778 records the penalty for trading within the commonwealth without taking the oath of fidelity. This particular statute (similar to previous statutes) relates to the exportation of embargoed goods and the penalties to vessels and their passengers and crews that attempt to defy the law.

Sources: Virginia Statutes 9/475-6

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