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Today in the 1770s: November 23

WILLIAMSBURG, November 23, 1779.
The subscriber is in want of a quantity of good Barley, for his brewhouse at the college landing, for which he will give a good price, or exchange for strong beer. CHARLES TALIAFERRO.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Nicolson) November 20, 1779

About this entry:

Charles Taliaferro is an example of an 18th-century entrepreneur. He was a coach and chairmaker who also established a warehouse, a boat business and a brewhouse. He also took in lodgers at the house he owned at College Landing, while he occupied the present Taliaferro-Cole house at the corner of Duke of Gloucester and Nassau Streets. By 1782 he was advertising his store "opposite the Church wall" where "He brews for sale, strong and small BEER". This store was probably located adjacent to his residence. At the time of his death (1798) he owned 14 lots within the city of Williamsburg.

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