Politics, Elections, & the Presidency: a Video Conversation with Thomas Jefferson
Can you envision a time when a woman might hold the office of president of the United States? Or an African, an Indian, or someone of Spanish descent?

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I should very much like to envision the day, which I may not live to see, when all Americans, our population resident here on this continent might fulfill the principles, the truths that are enumerated and written in our Declaration of American Independence, that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that amongst these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That though the franchise at present is represented by men of property – white men of property – that in time indeed we might recognize the franchise to include the African, to include all of any particular descent of the races of mankind. We are continually a new people every day, as we have always been since the initial settlements on this continent, and that perhaps what angered the king of England more than anything else is we were governed by his family, his church, his parliament, and his laws, where that every day there were others than Englishmen settling here. There were the French, there were the Spaniards, there were the Germans, the Italians, the Dutch, and the Africans as well, and that we were becoming the less and less British and the more and more American.

Should this extend itself that some day we might even have a lady to cast a vote or to hold public office, well that is to be uncustomary as I know, and it would be somewhat offensive to me as well, for I have always believed that our womenfolk, indeed our sober womenfolk, are of the greater influence in the cultivation of security and happiness and enlightenment within the home and amongst the family. In fact, I have never known after nearly 40 years in public office any concern to be raised on the floor of legislation that has not already been raised on the floor of our own homes.

So, I would say the idea of a lady either voting or holding public office is provocative to me. I am thankful that I may not live to see it. And, I have never believed that the Almighty created the tender breasts of women for political convulsion.