Politics, Elections, & the Presidency: a Video Conversation with Thomas Jefferson
In the 2000 presidential election, 51.3 percent of the voting-age population of the United States registered and cast ballots. In the off-year congressional elections of 1998, about 36.4 percent of the voting-age population registered and exercised its franchise. Should we be concerned when roughly half the electorate or less votes??

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I think we should be very concerned if the citizen body are shirking their responsibility to put forth a vote for their representation. This is the greatest privilege we hold as Americans. It is the foundation of our system of self-government.

We should recognize firstly if we are incapable of governing ourselves, then what makes us capable of governing others? Will not the American experiment of self-government succeed, or should we admit that we have found angels in the forms of kings?

Let us hope that history will also show that if one shirks the responsibility for self-government, there is always someone else ready to govern them for their own concerns. So the idea of casting a vote insures as well as assures our citizen body of maintaining the reins of our government in their own hands.