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Production Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to organizations and individuals interested in filming, videotaping or taking still photographs at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Historic Area buildings and museums, for purposes other than personal use and/or when any impact on museum operations is anticipated.

Projects Considered

Projects must be related or appropriate to historical themes and educational purpose of the Historic Area and museums and meet standards of historical accuracy. Those that promote a product or service or would interfere with the normal operation and visitor enjoyment of the Historic Area or museums are not permitted.

Projects that require large or numerous pieces of equipment, electrical hookups, lighting, staging of scenes, or recording of scripted parts cannot be accommodated during Historic Area or museum operating hours without explicit written permission.

Projects requiring the alteration of buildings or grounds are not permitted.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation reserves the right to reject any request to film or photograph Colonial Williamsburg and/or its facilities.


The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will have a staff liaison present at all times during the filming, videotaping, and photography sessions, this staff liason is permitted to terminate production immediately in the event the producer fails to abide by conditions set forth in these guidelines.

Except for designated parking areas, no vehicles are permitted on Historic Area grounds during operating hours. Service roads may be used for unloading or loading equipment. Any vehicles not being used to transport equipment must be parked in visitor parking areas.

Food and beverage equipment and tables must be set up in areas that will in no way interfere with, or detract from, the experience of Colonial Williamsburg visitors.


The production company will provide proof of insurance and will be responsible for damages related to production work on Colonial Williamsburg Foundation property, specifically holding the Foundation harmless from any damages or claims.


The production company will cover all direct and indirect costs to Colonial Williamsburg associated with the project, in addition to the location fee, which will be agreed to in writing by both parties prior to the commencement of the project.


The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation must be credited onscreen or in writing in the production/publication.

A complimentary copy of the finished product is to be furnished to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation prior to the release of the product.

Application Procedure

A completed “Colonial Williamsburg Request to Film/Videotape/Photograph” form must be submitted to the Office of Communications well in advance of the project. Please contact Joe Straw,, to request an application.

The Office of Communications will coordinate internal review of the request and notify the organization of acceptance or denial of the project. Allow a minimum of two full weeks for review of the request. Additional time may be required for script review. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation reserves the right to decline requests to use its facilities.

The Office of Communications will serve as liaison for the filming/videotaping/photography. An orientation meeting may be required prior to starting production work. All requests to use Foundation resources must be channeled through the Office of Communications or, during filming, through the on-site Colonial Williamsburg Foundation liaison.

In advance of the work, both parties must agree to written contracts or agreements relating to filming/videotaping/photography.