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March 1, 2002

Institute programs put 18th-century history in context for CW’s 21st-century visitors

Since it was first established in 1996, the Williamsburg Institute has conducted dynamic educational programs for modern audiences that explore the mysteries and intricacies of diverse, compelling topics steeped in 18th-century history.

In 2002, nationally known experts will continue to inspire and invigorate program participants with long-standing programs such as the annual Antiques Forum, on the significance of French influence on the decorative arts of early America, and with seminars, behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on workshops on the popular trades of woodworking and gunsmithing, as well as food and fashion, the use of textiles, 18th-century travel and transportation, music, the importance of archaeology and the perennial favorite of how to celebrate a Williamsburg Christmas.

Whatever the topic, Williamsburg Institute programs furnish a unique learning experience for each participant. The 2002 schedule began last month and includes:

  • “Textile Art Studies at Colonial Williamsburg”-Jan. 9-12;
  • “Textile Art Studies at Colonial Williamsburg”-Jan. 17-20;
  • “Working Wood in the 18th Century”-Jan. 20-23 and 24-27;
  • “54th Colonial Williamsburg Antiques Forum: ‘French Taste in Early America’”-Feb. 3-8;
  • “Food Fashion and Culture: The Evolution of Recipes and Cooking in the 17th and 18th Centuries”-Feb. 21-23;
  • “From the Kitchen to the Parlor: Ceramics in the Colonial Home”-Feb. 22-24;
  • “Working Metals in the 18th Century-The Art and Mystery of Gunsmithing”-Feb. 28-March 3;
  • “By Land and Sea, By Horse and Foot: Travel in Early Virginia”-March 14-16;
  • “The Music of Colonial Williamsburg”-March 17-19;
  • 56th Colonial Williamsburg Garden Symposium: “Gardeners and Their Gardens”-April 21-23;
  • Garden History Seminar-Sept. 21;
  • “Jefferson and the Capitol of Virginia”-Sept. 27-28; and
  • “A Williamsburg Christmas”-Nov. 25-27.

The Williamsburg Institute is an educational outreach initiative of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation providing opportunities for unique learning experiences that engage and inspire participants about 18th-century American history in a relaxed and intimate vacation environment. For more information, contact Deb Chapman at the Williamsburg Institute at (757) 220-7255.

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