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May 23, 2005

American Health Evaluation Center announces plans for leading edge medical center in Williamsburg

The American Health Evaluation Center has announced plans to construct its leading edge diagnostic medical facility on North Henry Street.

Dr. William Bethea, Dr. John Hamrick, and Myrl Hairfield, the three partners in the project, have entered into a purchase and sale agreement with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for five parcels of land just outside the town’s 301-acre Historic Area. On it, they plan to construct a 23,000-square-foot state-of-the art diagnostic and medical screening facility.

The project now will go through a public review and approval process. The center is scheduled for completion in fall 2006.

“This facility will offer the highest level of diagnostic procedures possible in a highly personalized environment – something that is rarely found in this country now due to the intense pressure on businesses and insurers to focus on the bottom line,” said Bethea.
The American Health Evaluation Center will utilize the latest in technology and medical equipment to provide extensive diagnostic tests and comprehensive medical screening to detect life-threatening illnesses and medical conditions, such as cancer and cardiac disease, the two leading causes of death in the United States.

“This announcement marks the next step in an important initiative by a committed group that includes two of our region’s most respected physicians,” said Colin Campbell, president and chairman of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. “We have every confidence that this project will enhance the appeal of the area and will create a facility that will offer an unprecedented level of diagnostic medical capability.” Campbell noted that Colonial Williamsburg will not be an investor in, or an operator of, the center.

The American Health Evaluation Center will offer patients a full range of personalized services, with the standard program lasting an entire day, from approximately 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Each person will be assigned a private room for the day, complete with phone and Internet service. While individual programs will be customized for each patient, depending on age, medical history and sex, every person will receive a complete physical and full body scan, as well as a comprehensive blood chemistry analysis, with all test results available that same day before the patient departs. Each patient will have at least two-and-one-half hours of focused one-on-one time with a physician.

The American Health Evaluation Center will employ approximately 15 people, with at least three full-time doctors on duty during all operating hours. The center will be able to accommodate 10 patients per day in the beginning, with 13,000 square feet of the new facility being utilized. The center will have the ability to expand within its full 23,000-square-foot structure to accommodate up to 20 people per day as demand grows.

“Our nation has reached the point where this type of comprehensive, detection-based health care is critical for the well-being of our citizens and will benefit everyone in the long run,” said Hamrick. “Not only will the American Health Evaluation Center benefit individuals and their employers, through the early detection of life-threatening and costly illnesses, but also it will benefit the Williamsburg area by providing access to world-class diagnostic procedures, strengthening the area’s tax base and attracting a potentially large, even international, patient base.”

Four of the five lots the American Health Evaluation Center will purchase from Colonial Williamsburg are located along the west side of North Henry Street, between Scotland and Lafayette Streets. The American Health Evaluation Center intends to seek the City of Williamsburg’s permission to relocate an unoccupied Colonial Williamsburg-owned house on one of the four North Henry Street parcels to the fifth lot, currently vacant. That lot sits on the north side of Scotland Street, one half block back from North Henry.

“Today’s announcement of the American Health Evaluation Center marks another milestone in the history of this remarkable community and puts Williamsburg, Virginia, at the forefront of cutting edge preventive and diagnostic health care in America,” said Hairfield. “I am delighted Buddy Bethea and John Hamrick have been able to play a lead role in bringing a facility of this scope and caliber to Virginia’s Historic Triangle. We are especially grateful to The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for its steadfast support throughout the development of this exciting project.”

The physical appearance of the American Health Evaluation Center will combine modern functionality with the clean lines and simple architectural elegance that are the hallmarks of Williamsburg. The facility is being designed by Richmond-based architect Ed Winks of Winks-Snowa Architects P.C.

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