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WILLIAMSBURG® line of botanical products is anything but garden variety

Bring the natural beauty of the 18th century into your garden this spring with the WILLIAMSBURG® line of garden products. Most products are available in select stores in Colonial Williamsburg, through the WILLIAMSBURG® catalog or through Colonial Williamsburg’s e-commerce web site at

WILLIAMSBURG® birdbaths will be the centerpiece of your backyard. The newest birdbath design features a popular Georgian Shell motif. The striking Lotus Leaf Birdbath comes with birds already perched on the edge. Both are cast aluminum with a hand-applied verdigris finish.

New this season, our Delft Wall Pockets are reproduced from circa 1750 English delft originals in Colonial Williamsburg’s ceramics collections. Double-holed on the back for stability, these wall vases—traditionally used for dried flowers—feature a Chinese girl or boy frolicking in terraced gardens on the top panel and floral blooms on a blue-washed background on the lower panel.

Think you can’t predict the weather? The Weather Glass tells you when the weather is fair or foul. When the water stays down in the spout, the weather is fair and, when it is up in the spout, grab your raincoat. The Weather Glass is mounted on a blue-and-white porcelain plaque. This item is available through the WILLIAMSBURG® Catalog only.

Birds will delight in our wooden birdhouse that are handmade, hand painted, signed and numbered. Historic designs include the Colonial Kitchen with Dormers, Gray Colonial Cottage, the Bracken Kitchen and Holt’s Storehouse.

Bring the beauty of Colonial Williamsburg’s gardens into your home with hand-painted watertight Tulip Vases originally popularized by “tulip mania” in 17th-century Holland. These scalloped-edged vases are made of tin, feature botanical images with their Latin names and are available in three sizes.

Colonial Williamsburg’s Colonial Nursery, a site designed to show 18th-century gardeners at work, sells products as well as heirloom plants. One of its newest items is the Thumb Pot, a predecessor to the watering can. Also available is the unusual but popular Poet’s Laurel, a slow growing evergreen that sports reddish orange berries when mature, and Franklinia, a rare tree that is a member of the tea family. These products are available at the Colonial Nursery in Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area only.

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