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What’s in Bloom

The new Garden Blog features vibrant images of what's blooming each month and much more. Launch the blog

  • Holly


    Blooms: Sasanqua Camellia; Wintersweet; Witch Hazel
    Berries: Gold-dust Tree; Hollies


    Blooms: Japanese Camellia; Flowering Quince

  • Redbud


    Blooms: Daffodils and other spring bulbs; Carolina Yellow Jasmine; Forsythia; Cornelian Cherry; Redbud; Shadblow; Early-blooming fruit trees

  • Tulip Garden


    Blooms: Tulips and other spring bulbs; Bleeding Heart, Columbine, and other perennials; Azaleas; Forsythia; Mountain Laurel; Flowering Dogwood; Fruit Trees; Lilac; Red Buckeye; Redbud; Shadbush

  • Iris


    Blooms: Iris, Oriental Poppies, Peonies, and other perennials; Rosemary, Chives, Garden Sage, and other herbs; Carolina Sweet Shrub; Flowering Dogwood; Oak-leaved Hydrangea; Old Roses; Red Buckeye

  • Daylilies


    Blooms: Daylily, Garden Phlox, Stokes’ Aster, and other perennials; Hollyhocks, Lavender, Yarrow, and other herbs; American Wisteria; Catalpa; Mock Orange; Pomegranate; Rose of Sharon; Southern Magnolia; Sweet Bay Magnolia

  • Hydrangea


    Blooms: Garden Phlox, Stokes’ Aster, Yarrow, and other perennials; Chaste Tree; Crape Myrtle; Golden Rain Tree; Oak-leaved Hydrangea; Rose of Sharon; Southern Magnolia; Trumpet Vine

  • Crape Myrtle


    Blooms: Asters, Coneflowers, Yarrow, and other perennials; Chaste Tree, Crape Myrtle; Oak-leaved Hydrangea; Rose of Sharon; Southern Magnolia; Trumpet Vine

  • Obedient Plant


    Blooms: Goldenrod, Joe-Pye Weed, Obedient Plant, Turtlehead, and other perennials; Crape Myrtle
    Berries: American Beautyberry; Bittersweet; Flowering Dogwood; Pomegranate Fruit; Rose Hips

  • Arbutus


    Blooms: Chrysanthemum
    Berries: American Beautyberry; Arbutus; Bittersweet; Firethorn; Flowering Dogwood; Hollies; Pomegranate Fruit; Rose Hips

  • Firethorn


    Blooms: Sasanqua Camellia; Chrysanthemum; Witch Hazel Berries: American Beautyberry; Bittersweet; Firethorn; Hollies; Rose Hips

  • Rose Hips


    Blooms: Sasanqua Camellia; Witch Hazel Berries: American Beautyberry; Bayberry; Bittersweet; Eastern Red Cedar; Firethorn;
    Hollies; Indian Currant; Rose Hips; Washington Hawthorn