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Teaching Resources for Your Classroom

Colonial Williamsburg offers a variety of quality instructional materials to help you teach students about life in early America, including the following:

Degrees of Latitude: Mapping Colonial AmericaDEGREES OF LATITUDE: MAPPING COLONIAL AMERICA
by Margaret Beck Pritchard and Henry G. Taliaferro

This splendidly illustrated volume goes beyond standard cartobiliographical analysis to examine the inspiration behind the production of seventy-three maps, atlases, and sea charts. The first part describes what maps reveal about the history of the American nation and explains why they were important to their owners. The second part discusses the rare atlas owned by John Custis of Williamsburg. An overview of the English map trade in the late seventeenth century is also included. Published in association with Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers Colonial Williamsburg Decorative Arts Series, 448 pp., 186 color illustrations, 97 black-and-white illustrations, 11 5/16 x 9 1/4, 2002, Hardbound. $75.00. To order, call 1-800-761-8331.


Explore maps from Colonial Williamsburg's collection in this interactive CD ROM. The maps, dated from 1587 to 1782, provide an intimate look at the struggles and ambitions of America's colonists. The exhibition features a zooming tool that allows a close look at map details, a surveying video, and a side-by-side comparison to a modern map of the same area. $9.95. To order, call 1-800-761-8331.

Map of Virginia and Maryland


Dating from 1755, this is "A Map of the most Inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole Province of Maryland with part of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and North Carolina." Depicting the area from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was the most accurate 18th-century map of Virginia. It was researched and created by Thomas Jefferson's father, Peter, an accomplished surveyor, and Joshua Fry, a professor at the College of William and Mary. Our reproduction is beautifully printed on rag content paper to resemble the original. 17 1/2"H x 23"W. $15.00. Click here to order.

Map of New EnglandMAP OF NEW ENGLAND

Entitled "Bowles's New Pocket Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England," this highly detailed map was originally published in London by Carington Bowles circa 1775. Showing county and township divisions in each of the New England colonies, and locating rivers, roads and villages, this map is a fascinating portrait of the region on the eve of the Revolutionary War. Vermont appears as part of New York. The Hudson Valley and Champlain regions in New York are also depicted. Insets show plans of the town and harbor of Boston. The map is crisply printed on rag content paper to resemble the original. 23"H x 17 1/2"W. $15.00. Click here to order.

Map of New France

In 1719 when this map was printed, France and England were vying to dominate the American continent. (As it turned out, neither would succeed.) Drawn by French cartographer Henri Chatelain and engraved by Nicolas de Fer, this fascinating map was used to drum up interest in the Louisiana Territory. It depicts America from the East Coast to the area of New Mexico. Two insets show the urban layout of Quebec City and the coastline at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Indian villages, animals, ships and sea monsters add to the decorative appeal of this splendidly detailed map. It is crisply printed on rag content paper to resemble the original. 17 1/2"H x 23"W. $15.00. Click here to order.



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