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Graphic Organizer: Christmas Then & Now

Eighteenth-Century Quotes Similarities to Today Differences to Today
I. "I am a young Woman, and have my fortune to make, for which reason I come constantly to Church to hear Divine Service, and make Conquests; but one great Hindrance in this is, that our Clerk, who was once a Gardener, has this Christmas so over-decked the Church with Greens, that... I have scarce seen the young Baronet I dress at these last three Weeks, though we have both been very Constant at our Devotions. ... The Church ... looks more like a Greenhouse than a Place of Worship. ... The pulpit itself has such Clusters of Ivy, Holly, and Rosemary about it, that a light Fellow [said we] heard the Word out of a bush, like Moses."
-- Spectator, 1712

II. "On Thursday the 26th of decem. Mama made 6 mince pies, & 7 custards, 12 tarts, 1 chicking pye, and 4 pudings for the ball."
-- Sally Fairfax, Christmas, 1771

"Christmas a very large rock [fish] from Chickamony: saddle of the finest mutton I ever saw, ham of new bacon, wild ducks and roast turkey, veal's head, cabbage pudding, colliflowers, artichoakes, cheese-cakes, gooseberry tarts, jellys, creams, raisons, grapes, nuts, almonds, apples &c;
-- Martha Blodget, Christmas, 1796

IV. "My landlord tells me, when he waited on the Colonel at his countryseat two or three days (ago), they heard the Slaves at worship in their lodge, singing Psalms and Hymns in the evening, and again in the morning, long before break of day. They are excellent singers, and long to get some of Dr. Watt's Psalms and Hymns, which I encourage them to hope for."
--John Wright, January 6, 1761

"The Evening I spent at Mr. Guy's. I sung for an Hour, at the good Peoples Desire, Mr. Watt's admirable Hymns. I myself was entertain'd; I felt myself improv'd; so much Love to Jesus is set forth. So much divine Exercise."
--Philip Fithian, Christmas Eve, 1775



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