The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: January 24

Williamsburg, January 24, 1777 Should any one among you require the force of example to animate you on this glorious occasion, let him turn his eyes to the bright luminary of war in whose character the conduct of Emilius, the coolness of a Fabius, the intrepidity of an Hannibal, and the indefatigable ardour and military skill of a Caesar, are united.
Let not the name of Brutus or Camillus be remembered whilst that of WASHINGTON is to be found in the annals of America.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon and Hunter) January 24, 1777

About this entry:

This fulsome praise of George Washington, comparing him to great heroes of ancient Rome would certainly have embarassed the man who insisted that he was only doing his duty. The purpose of this article, besides assuring readers of the genius of their General, is to encourage enlistment in the Army.

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