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Today in the 1770s: February 10

PETERSBURG, February 10, 1777.
THE Subscriber has for Sale six three pounders CANNON, with Carriages, &c. some Bullets and Lingrage. RICHARD TAYLOR.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) February 14, 1777

About this entry:

Colonial Williamsburg owns several reproduction three-pound cannons. They are used by the infantry because of their light weight and maneuverability over rough ground. Called a three-pounder because it fires a three pound cannonball, a three pounder would actually weigh about 500 pounds in its carriage. It could be pulled by one horse, or carried by eight men in places too rugged for towing.

Language notes:

Lingrage is a variant spelling for "langrage", case shot loaded with pieces of irregularly shaped iron, used in naval warfare to damage the rigging and sails of the enemy.

Sources: CWRR, OED

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