The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: February 12

WILLIAMSBURG, February 12, 1777.
IT is expected that those criminals who have been bailed since the 20th of October 1775, as well as all witnesses who, since that time, have entered into recognizances to give evidence, at the Capitol in this city, against persons charged with offences triable in the General Court, or court of Oyer and Terminer only, and have not yet discharged the same, will attend at the said Capitol on Tuesday the 8th day of April next. The witnesses will oblige me by coming to me on the evening of the day preceding. EDMUND RANDOLPH.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) February 14, 1777

About this entry:

Edmund Randolph, Attorney General of Virginia, published notices concerning future court cases in the VIRGINIA GAZETTE. He was the "rebel" son of the loyalist John Randolph who remained in Virginia after his father fled to England on the eve of the Revolution.

Sources: VA GAZ, WAR

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