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Today in the 1770s: March 13

WILLIAMSBURG, March 13, 1777.
On Tuesday the 15th instant 500 men attacked the Hessian picket guard near Brunswick, drove them in, took 11 milch cows, 2 horses, and brought off 15 or 20 loads of hay, which those mercenaries had stacked up within their lines. After the Hessians ran, a number of the light horse came out, drew their swords, and cut a few capers, but did not choose to disturb our men, whom they saw very leisurely take away the hay.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie Supplement) March 28, 1777

About this entry:

After Washington established hs winter headquarters at Morristown, NJ, he sent units of his Continental army to attack units of the British army around Brunswick in a successful effort to deny the British feed for their horses. This forage war (from January 1777 into the spring) included dozens of engagements both large and small.

Sources: Ency American Rev. War

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