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Today in the 1770s: March 16

BOSTON, March 16, 1772.
The infamous murderer Ebenezer Richardson, was, on Tuesday last, dismissed by his Majesty's Justices ot the Superior Court, from his confinement in gaol, for the murder of that innocent youth young SNEIDER, recognizing without sureties in the sum of five hundred pounds, for his appearance when the court shall call upon him to plead his Majesty's pardon! O tempera! O mores! May he not adopt the language of Cain and say, whosoever meeteth me will slay me! This affair was transacted in presence of a very few people, all the inhabitants being assembled at Faneuil Hall, it being their annual town meeting. The murderer fled with precipitation, and crossed the ferry before the inhabitants were informed of it. Tell this in Britain, publish it in Ireland, and may America remember it forever!

Virginia Gazette (Rind) April 23, 1772

About this entry:

Young Christopher Seider (Sneider is a variant spelling) was around 11 years old when he was killed by bullets fired into a crowd by Ebenezer Richardson. Richardson, a Boston customs official, became involved in a political demonstration which turned violent on 22 Feb 1770, eleven days before the Boston Massacre. Although the Boston mob wanted him hanged, Richardson was jailed for two years before he was pardoned by the King.

Sources: Boston Evening Post.; Date: 1770-02-26; Page: 3

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