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Today in the 1770s: April 15

WILLIAMSBURG, April 15, 1775.
The Subscribers having This Day entered into Partnership, beg Leave to acquaint the Public in general, and their Friends and Neighbours in particular, that they intend practising Physic and Surgery to their fullest Extent; and that they intend also, as soon as the Situation of the Times will admit, to keep full and complete Assortments of Drugs and Medicines, which they will endeavour to procure of the very best In Quality, and will take Care to have them fresh by making several Importations in the Year. It is proposed that John M. Galt shall pay his particular Attention to Surgery, to whom our Friends are desired to apply on all such occasions, but will be advised and assisted by W. Pasteur in all difficult Cases. They both desire to make their most grateful Acknowledgements to their Friends and Customers for the many Favours and Civilities they have received, and hope, by this Union, they will be enabled to carry on their Part, the strictest Assiduity and Attention shall be observed. PASTEUR & GALT.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) April 19, 1775

About this entry:

Dr. William Pasteur was Mayor of Williamsburg in 1775 and a well established apothecary when he entered into this partnership with thirty-one year old Dr. James Minson Galt. Their partnership dissolved three years later and Galt purchased the property which remained in his family until 1819.

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