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Today in the 1770s: April 17

CABIN POINT, April 17, 1777.
I shall be much obliged to those who may have Management of Dr. Doeber's Affairs to take Care of for me the following Books, and by the first Opportunity to send them to Williamsburg to Dr. McClurg, viz. CULLEN's Lectures on the Practice of Physic, 4 Volumes, MONRO's Anatomical Lectures, 2 Volumes, Pharmicopoeia Pauperum Edinburgensis. The above books Dr. Campbell of Norfolk borrowed of me and lent them to Dr. Doeber. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) May 2, 1777

About this entry:

These medical books have been circulating between a number of doctors. The owner of the books, (at Cabin Point, south of the James River, in Surry County) wants them sent on to Dr. McClurg. Dr. James McClurg practiced medicine in Williamsburg. McClurg attended the College of William and Mary with Thomas Jefferson and the two were good friends. He accompanied Jefferson to the 2nd Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1775. In 1779 he went on to teach a William and Mary and suffered through the British occupation in 1781 in his house across from the Public Hospital. He moved to Richmond after the war. The Williamsburg house which he purchased from John Parke Custis in 1779 was falling down by 1815 and is no longer standing.

Sources: WAR file

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