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Today in the 1770s: June 1

On Thursday last [June 1, 1775] the General Assembly of this colony met here, agreeable to the Governor's proclamation; the Hon. House of Burgesses having made choice of PEYTON RANDOLPH, Esq; for their Speaker, his Excellency was pleased to open the session with the following SPEECH: [excerpts follow] I have called you together to give you an opportunity of taking the alarming state of the colony into your consideration, and providing remedies against the evils which are increasing therein; and I am induced to it at this time particularly, because, as the declarations of the King and Parliament, contained in the joint address of the Lords and Commons on the 7th day of February last, and his Majesty's answer, no longer admit of a doubt that your well-founded grievances, properly represented, will meet with that attention and regard which are so justly due to them;

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) June 3, 1775

About this entry:

Lord Dunmore opened the House of Burgesses with a speech, as was traditional. In this case he is asking for compromise. He knew that his proposals would be rejected. He had no intention of bringing the gunpowder back to the Powder Magazine, just as a majority of the burgesses had no intention of paying the British troops sent to "protect" them.

Sources: Noel Hume, 1775 198-9.

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