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Today in the 1770s: June 3

WILLIAMSBURG, June 3, 1775.
Last Monday morning a detachment of cavalry from the Williamsburg Volunteers, in their uniforms, well mounted and equipped, with a waggon containing their baggage and provisions, set out in a regular military procession, to meet the Hon. PEYTON RANDOLPH, Esq; late President of the Grand Continental Congress, on the way hither from Philadelphia, his presence being requisite at our General Assembly now sitting here. On Tuesday, about noon, the troop of horse met that Gentleman at Ruffin's ferry, accompanied by Col. CARTER BRAXTON, and escorted them to Williamsburg, after having been joined by a company of infantry, who marched out the distance of two miles for the same purpose. They arrived here by sunset, and were attended to the honourable Gentleman's house by the whole body of cavalry and infantry, whose very martial appearance gave great satisfaction to the spectators. The bells began to ring as our worthy Delegate entered the city, and the unfeigned joy of the inhabitants, on this occasion, was visible in every countenance; there were illuminations in the evening, and the volunteers, with many other respectable Gentlemen, assembled at the Raleigh, spent an hour or two in harmony and cheerfulness, and drank several patriotic toasts.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) June 3, 1775

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Peyton Randolph's arrival for the House of Burgesses June session was greeted enthusiastically. What a contrast between Randolph's popularity and Lord Dunmore's alienation.

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