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Today in the 1770s: June 6

WILLIAMSBURG, June 6, 1777.
To be sold by the subscriber, in Waller Street, Williamsburg, a large Quantity of GOODS, consisting of the following Articles, viz. Striped Silks, Crimson Satin, Bombazeen, Wine and Beer Glasses, Allspice, Ladies Fans, Hair Combs, Black Pepper, Silk Twist, Gauze Handkerchiefs, Womens Silk Hats of different Colours, Sets of coopers Tools, Grubbing Hoes, Augers, Childrens Cotton Stockings, Writing Paper, Mens white and black Gloves, Girls ditto, Mourning Fans, Watch Keys and Strings, Damascus, white and coloured Thread, Tape, Fishing Hooks and Lines complete, Buckram, Lilly's Grammars, Binding of various Colours, Snuff Boxes, Prints, Money Scales, Cheese Toasters, Saddle Lace, Large and small Buttons, Mens coarse Shoes, a Fish Kettle, a Warming Pan, Bacon, Brown Sugar by the Barrel or Hundred, Gunpowder, and many other Things too tedious to enumerate. AMBROSE DAVENPORT.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) June 6, 1777

About this entry:

William Lily's (1468?-1522) "Short Introduction to Grammar . . . " was a basic Latin textbook that was in print from the 16th to 18th centuries. Ambrose Davenport was listed as a tailor when he purchased the property in Waller Street just two months before he placed this advertisement. The tailor was now in the dry goods business. Two years later he moved into "wet" goods when he took over operation of a tavern, now know as Wetherburn's Tavern.

Language notes:

Bombazeen (bombazine) is a twill fabric of silk or silk and wool. Black bombazine was often used in mourning clothes Buckram is a coarse linen or cloth stiffened with gum or paste which might be used to make waterproof bags or ladies' corsets.

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