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Today in the 1770s: June 9

YORK TOWN, June 9, 1773.
The subscribers being very solicitous to comply with the will of their testator, the late Honourable William Nelson, desire that all persons who were indebted to him will endeavour to make as speedy payments as possible. Those who have accounts open on his books, and who cannot immediately discharge the balances, are desired to give their bonds. This request is the more necessary, as most of the legacies bequeathed by the testator are to be paid in sterling money, and he has directed that his younger sons fortunes shall be placed out at interest upon undoubted securities, so soon as it can be done. Those who have any demands are desired to make them immediately known. THOMAS NELSON, THOMAS NELSON, jun. HUGH NELSON, R. C. NICHOLAS.

Virginia Gazette (Rind) June 24, 1773

About this entry:

William Nelson's will was probated in December 1772. He was a very wealthy man and left his wife 5000 pounds plus plantations in York, James City and Warwick Counties. His sons, too were left storehouses in Yorktown as well as land and slaves. The executors and guardians of his younger children were his brother, Thomas, his sons, Thomas and Hugh, and his friend, Robert Carter Nicholas.

Sources: Wright

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