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Today in the 1770s: June 16

YORK COUNTY, June 16, 1775.
Strayed from the Subscriber, two HORSES, one of which is a bright Bay, 6 Years old, about 14 Hands and a Half high, with a hanging Mane and Switch Tail, and branded on the near Buttock R.S. He was purchased in Hanover, and it is supposed will endeavour to return thither. The other is a Sorrel, 5 Years old, about 4 Feet 7 Inches high, with a white hanging Mane and Switch Tail, and branded on the near Buttock thus x . Whoeverwill deliver the said Horses, at the Rev. Mr. Camm's in Williamsburg, or to me in the lower Part of York County, shall have a Reward adequate to his trouble. SAMUEL SHIELD.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) June 17, 1775

About this entry:

The brand is an "x" with a vertical line in the center. In 1749 Rev. John Camm became rector of York-Hampton (located in the lower part of York County) as well as a professor and in 1771 the controversial Tory president of The College of William & Mary. Samuel Shield may have been a friend and former parishioner who found Rev. Camm's residence in Williamsburg to be a central location for the return of his lost horses.

Sources: Tyler, Ency VA Biog

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