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Today in the 1770s: July 1

WILLIAMSBURG, July 1, 1775.
In a few Days will be PUBLISHED, THE MANUAL EXERCISE, AS ORDERED BY HIS Majesty in the Year 1764, together with EXPLANATIONS of the Method generally practised at REVIEWS & FIELD DAYS: Firing by Sub Divisions and Grand Divisions, standing, advancing, and retreating. Wheeling by Companies. Advancing and retreating by Files. Forming the Oblong Square by Companies and Battalions. Forming Columns by Companies and Grand Divisions. Passing a Defile or Bridge by Half Companies, and re-passing in Retreat. Charge and Volley by Battalion. Some occasIonal Words of Command, with Explanations, etc. etc. To which is affixed, the Words of Command as they follow in Order in the Manual Exercise.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) July 1, 1775

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Military books were regularly advertised as civilians needed to learn the art of warfare.

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