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Today in the 1770s: August 5

WILLIAMSBURG, Friday, August 5, 1774.
This day Peyton Randolph, esquire, moderator of the present general meeting, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Richard Bland, Benjamin Harrison and Edmund Pendleton, esquires, were appointed to attend the general congress on behalf of this colony on the 1st of next month, in Lancaster town, in Pennsylvania.

Virginia Gazette (Rind) August 4, 1774

About this entry:

How can the article be dated a day later than the newspaper? Publisher, Clementina Rind, had the type all set but hadn't gone to press on the 5th when she learned about these important appointments. She squeezed the short announcement into the August 4 newspaper and prepared a longer item for the next issue, August 11. Purdy & Dixon, her competitors, had a slightly longer article; however, they stated that Congress would meet in Philadelphia on September 5. Purdy and Dixon were right.

Sources: VaGaz issue comparison

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