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Today in the 1770s: August 10

WILLIAMSBURG, August 10, 1776 On Monday last, being court day, the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was being publicly proclaimed in the town of Richmond, before a large concourse of respectable freeholders of Henrico county, and upwards of 200 of the militia, who assembled on that grand occasion.
It was received with universal shouts of joy, and re-echoed by three-vollies of small arms. The same evening the town was illuminated, and the members of the committee held a club, when many patriotic toasts were drank. Although there were near 1000 people present, the whole was conducted with the utmost decorum, and the satisfaction visible in every countenance sufficiently evinces their determination to support it with their lives and fortunes.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) August 10, 1776

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Independence was celebrated throughout the colonies as soon as word reached them. It was celebrated in Boston, Massachusetts on July 18, in Williamsburg on July 25, and in Richmond on August 5, 1776.

Sources: Independence timeline (Jclark/PofF folder)

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