The Virginia Gazette

Today in the 1770s: August 28

BOSTON, July 29, 1779.
We hear that Lord Cornwallis came over to America in the Greyhound frigate, to supercede Clinton as Commander in Chief, whose reputation has greatly sunk in the estimation of his employers.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Nicolson) August 28, 1779

About this entry:

After several frustrating years serving under Generals Howe and Clinton, Charles Cornwallis had returned to England because of his wife's illness. She died in February 1779 and Cornwallis offered to return to America. This time he was given the authority to command in the southern states, but was not made Commander in Chief. Cornwallis won the Battle of Camden (S.C.) in 1780 and in 1781 brought his soldiers up to Virginia where he hoped to meet Clinton and subdue Virginia.

Sources: DNB, v12; Mays, HDAR

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