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Today in the 1770s: September 2

WILLIAMSBURG, September 2, 1773.
Being now unhappily forced to enter upon business on my own Account, I flatter myself those Gentlemen who shall continue to oblige me with their Custom will not be offended at my requesting them, in future, to be punctual in sending cash with Advertisements, etc. The ardent Desire I have of rendering this Paper as useful and entertaining as possible urges the Necessity of attending to this Request, as it must be obvious to every one that Business of so extensive a Nature cannot be carried on with that Spirit which is necessary, without a sufficient Fund to support it: Mine, in great Measure, depends of the Punctuality of those who favour me with their Commands. May that All Ruling Power, whose chastening Hand has snatched from my dear Infants and myself our whole Dependence, make me equal to the Task. An unaffected Desire to please, an indefatigable Attention to my Business, and the Assistance of Persons whose Abilities and Attachment I can rely on, will, I hope, make me not entirely unworthy of Encouragement from the Public in general, and from the Honourable House of Burgesses in particular; whose Favour I once more take the Liberty to solicit, and in whose generous Breasts it lies to bestow Happiness and Plenty on my orphan Family, if they find me capable of being their Servant. Cheared by that pleasing Hope, I will try to support, with Fortitude, the painful Sensation of Incertainty, by a firm Reliance on that Candour and Generosity, which have ever been the Characteristic of that honourable Body. I am, with great Respect, the Public's most faithful, and most obedient, CLEMENTINA RIND.

Virginia Gazette (Rind) September 2, 1773

About this entry:

When William Rind died on August 19, 1773, his widow Clementina became the sole support of their young family. She carried on his printing business until her own death in September 1774. The severity of her financial situation is revealed by this ad as well as ads in the September 23 edition in which the house in which she lived along with 2 other properties and "ALL the estate" of the "late William Rind" were advertised for sale. Robert Carter Nicholas, Treasurer of the colony, interceded on her behalf with John Norton & Sons in London when he guaranteed payment for paper and other "necessaries" she needed to carry on her business. In 1766, William Rind had been hired as the public printer by the House of Burgesses after he set up a rival VIRGINIA GAZETTE in sympathy to the revolutionary cause. During Clementina's brief tenure as owner of the newspaper, she printed the first copy of Thomas Jefferson's SUMMARY VIEW OF THE RIGHTS OF BRITISH AMERICA.

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