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Today in the 1770s: September 26

WILLIAMSBURG, September 26, 1771.
Yesterday arrived in Town, between ten and eleven o'clock, the Right Honourable the Earl of DUNMORE, our Governour, with Captain Foy, his Excellency's Secretary. He came from York that Morning, accompanied by his Honour the President, Mr. Secretary Nelson, and the Honourable John Page, Esquire, and immediately, with those Gentlemen, and the Honourable Robert Carter, Esquire, repaired to the Palace, where he was sworn in to the Administration of Government. They, with several of the principal Gentlemen in this City, who went to pay their Respects to his Excellency, were invited to dine at the Palace, where they spent the Day. In the Evening there were Illuminations, etc. as a Testimony of our Joy at his Excellancy's safe Arrival, and in Gratitude to his Majesty for appointing a Nobleman of his Abilities and good Character to preside over us in the Room of our late worthy Governour.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) September 26, 1771

About this entry:

Lord Dunmore, governor of New York since January 1770, was appointed governor of Virginia, December 1770. He left New York City in July 1771 soon after the new governor, William Tryon from North Carolina, arrived. Before going south to Virginia, Dunmore toured his newly acquired lands -- 54,000 acres east of Lake Champlain.

Sources: Wrike, Chronology, p 18

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