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Today in the 1770s: November 5

WILLIAMSBURG, November 5, 1772.
To be SOLD, RENTED, or EXCHANGED for back Lands, in any of the northern Counties in this Colony, A TRACT of 6x Hundred ACRES, including about two Hundred of cleared Land on the north Side of Rappahannock River, opposite to the lower End of Fredericksburg. On this Tract (a little above the Road) is one of the most agreeable Situations for a House that is to be found upon the whole River, having a clear and distinct View of almost every House in the Town, and every Vessel that passes to and from it. Long Credit (if desired) will be given, the Purchaser paying Interest from the Sale; and an indisputable Title will be made. For farther Particulars inquire of Colonel Lewis in Fredericksburg, or of the Subscriber in Fairfax. GEORGE WASHINGTON

Virginia Gazette (RIND ) November 5, 1772

About this entry:

The land described in this advertisement refers to Ferry Farm. Colonel Fielding Lewis, a friend as well as brother-in-law of George Washington, assisted him in the management of family properties. In December Lewis informed Washington that he had rented "your Houses & the Land between the road & River" to William Fitzhugh and "a field adjoining" to James Hunter. Fitzhugh rented Ferry Farm for two years (1773 and 1774), and Hunter rented the adjoining land for one year (1773).

Sources: Washington Papers, Vol. 9,150

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