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Today in the 1770s: November 18

WILLIAMSBURG, Barracks, November 18, 1779.
Pardon is hereby proclaimed, without further trial, to all deserters from the State Garrison Regiment that will voluntarily come and join their regiment, stationed in Williamsburg, in six weeks from this date. C. PORTERFIELD, Lt. Col. of S.G.R.

Virginia Gazette (Clarkson & Davis) November 20, 1779

About this entry:

State Garrison Regiment was authorized in June 1778 for the protection of harbor fortifications. Term of service in the regiment was three years. Charles Porterfield was one of the lesser-known heroes of revolutionary service in VA. He was a prisoner of war for almost a year in Quebec, and later served at Saratoga and Valley Forge. In 1779 he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel in State Garrison Regiment and was wounded at Camden, SC on August 16, 1780 while assisting in the defense of Charleston. He did not recover from his wounds and died on January 10, 1781.

Sources: VMHB v 9 p144-152

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