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Enslaved Farm Family of Two

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  • I work in my master’s tobacco fields from daylight Monday until Saturday after midday dinner. It is now Saturday afternoon and my work is done. Instead of resting, I’ll spend time tending my garden and chickens.

  • Field hands have time off on Saturday afternoons and Sunday. Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll go to the Baptist meeting to worship and visit with my friends and family.

  • This afternoon is for business. After working in the garden, I put my best chickens into a basket. My son and I walk the three miles to Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • In good weather, the trip should take a little more than one hour—but it could take longer if my son, Cuffy, is tired and has trouble keeping up. On the way, we may meet friends who want to hear the latest news from their part of the county. We will be delayed if we stop and talk.

  • I want to arrive in Williamsburg as quickly as possible to sell my chickens door to door. Cooks at the big houses, most of them enslaved women like me, know I raise fat, good-tasting chickens.

  • After I make a sale, I gladly sit and talk as I wait for my money. The money can mean a pretty new piece of cloth to wrap my head or some tea for a hot drink on a cold night.

  • I wonder what Saturday holds for me. Will I find customers who will pay a fair price for my chickens? How will I care for my son if he isn’t able to make the long walk to town? What should I buy with the money I get from selling the chickens? What would you do with the money you earned from selling something? After a hard week’s work, how would you like to spend your free time?