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  • Keys, Hammers and Pipes

    Keys, Hammers and Pipes, bringing an organized piano back to life, is a new documentary blog about a remarkable musical instrument and its return to its original home and to its musical voice. This combination grand piano and pipe organ, or “organized piano,” might have been the largest and grandest domestic musical instrument in America in 1799.

  • What’s New Blog

    Get the latest Colonial Williamsburg updates, all in one place.

  • Tavern Blog: Where Citizens Debate

    In 18th century taverns, citizens exchanged ideas and opinions about the events of the day. The Tavern blog renews that tradition, featuring thoughtful commentary on current events and how they relate to American history and citizenship.

  • Reconstruction Blog

    Colonial Williamsburg researchers keep you up to date on the progress of major reconstruction projects.

  • ArchaeoLogic Blog

    Discover Williamsburg’s people and the land they inhabited through the eyes of Colonial Williamsburg’s archaeologists.

  • Armoury Blog

    Over the next several years, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation will be reconstructing Anderson’s Blacksmith Shop and Public Armoury. Please follow along as we rebuild six structures to show the site as it looked in the late 1770s when James Anderson was the Public Armourer for the new Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • History is Served

    18th-century recipes for the 21st-century kitchen

    This blog-format recipe collection presents an 18th-century "reciept" alongside a 21st-century translation every two weeks. Cook along with us, send your comments and questions, and enjoy history on your table.

  • iCitizenForum

    iCitizenForum fosters civic responsibility by engaging a diverse community which, guided by the values and principles of the inventors of democracy, participates in the exploration of citizenship issues.

  • Garden blog

    Follow Colonial Williamsburg's gardens as they bud, flower and set fruit. The new Garden Blog features updates from the gardeners, resources for the home grower, and vibrant images of what's blooming each month.

  • Jefferson’s Blog

    In 2012, we observed the 250th anniversary of Thomas Jefferson's completion of studies at the College of William and Mary. Do his philosophies on education still ring true?

  • Coffeehouse blog

    Coffeehouse blog

    Look back at the reconstruction of Richard Charlton’s 18th-century Coffeehouse.

  • Cannon blog

    Follow our recreation of an 18th-century cannon on the cannon blog.