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Mathew Ashby - a free man of mixed racial heritage, worked as a carter.
Benedict Arnold - Skillful military strategist who defected and joined the loyalists in 1779.

Catherine Blaikley - midwife.
Lydia Broadnax - George Wythe's slave and later his cook.

Eve - one of 27 slaves who belonged to the Peyton Randolph household.

Gaby/Burwell - runaway slave who belonged to James Burwell.
Geddy Family - family of James Geddy Sr., a gunsmith.
Anne Geddy - wife of James Geddy Sr.
James Geddy Jr. - Williamsburg's best-known colonial silversmith.
John Greenhow - merchant with store on Duke of Gloucester St.

Grissell Hay - wife of the apothecary Peter Hay.
Samuel Henley - British-born professor of moral philosophy at the College of William and Mary.
Patrick Henry - lawyer, patriot, orator, and participant in virtually every aspect of the founding of America.
William Holt - merchant, entrepreneur, and landowner in Williamsburg, Yorktown, and James City County.
Alexander Hoy - A Williamsburg carpenter who fell into debt, and enlisted in the Army in 1776.
Barbara Hoy - Wife of Alexander Hoy, a resourceful woman who struggled to support her family.

Thomas Jefferson - scholar, governor of Virginia, writer of the Declaration of Independence, and considered one of the founding fathers.

Marquis de Lafayette - At 19 years old, this Frenchman's passion and skill helped win the American Revolution.
Richard Henry Lee - supporter of Patrick Henry and organizer of the "Day of Fasting, Humiliation, and Prayer".

Robert Carter Nicholas - lawyer who introduced day of fasting, humiliation and prayer in sympathy with embargoed Boston.

Gowan Pamphlet - originially a slave belonging to Jane Vobe, later freed and became a Baptist minister.
Peter Pelham - musician and keeper of the Public Gaol.
Annabelle Powell - wife of Benjamin Powell.
Benjamin Powell - a successful builder in colonial Williamsburg.

Sir John Randolph - member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and Attorney General for the Virginia colony.
John "The Tory" Randolph - son of Sir John Randolph, member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, Attorney General for the Virginia colony and loyalist.
Peyton Randolph - revolutionary leader, Attorney General of Virginia Colony, and chairman of the first and second Continental Congress.
Lady Susannah Beverley Randolph - wife of Sir John Randolph

St. George Tucker - lawyer, trader, inventor, scholar, professor, judge, essayist, poet, gardener, and stargazer.

Ann Wager - governess to the Burwell children at Carter's Grove, then appointed mistress of the Bray School, a school for African American children in Williamsburg.
Benjamin Waller - lawyer, civil servant, community leader, and land developer.
George Washington - considered one of the founding fathers, a general in the Virginia militia, and first president of the United States of America.
Martha Washington - wife of George Washington.
George Wythe - first Virginia signer of the Declaration of Independence, framer of the federal Constitution, and instrumental in the design of the seal of Virginia.

Fact Sheets

Aggy - one of 27 domestic slaves belonging to Peyton and Elizabeth Randolph.

Charlotte - one of 27 domestic slaves belonging to Peyton and Elizabeth Randolph.

Richard Henry Lee - planter who was a defender of colonial rights and was aligned with Patrick Henry as a strong opponent of the Stamp Act.

George Mercer - surveyor, military officer, and for a brief time, stamp collector for the colonies of Maryland and Virginia.

Ariana Jenings Randolph - wife of John "The Tory" Randolph.
Edmund Randolph - son of John "The Tory" Randolph, joined the American army and served as aide-de-camp to General George Washington.
Elizabeth (Betty) Harrison Randolph - wife of Peyton Randolph.
Susannah Beverley Randolph - daughter of John "The Tory" Randolph.
John Robinson - planter, delegate, and speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses.